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Ipad Potty

All of these stakeholders dictate how we operate in the classroom - we must forget chalk and talk, handing out the textbook, heres the worksheet and we need to bring in fun interactive lessons to appeal to the children in the tecnology age. In my classroom the technology is used as a tool for learning rather than a banned communication device, the learners respond with interest and are starting to take control of their own learning.

The iPad Potty is no joke and if they are finding a place in the home then they are shaping childrens learning styles from a young age. Check out the app store and there are already 35 ipad apps to help with potty training, from interactive games to play on the potty, ,to stories and reward chart apps. Technology is here to stay and if we don't embrace it within our classrooms then we are not only going to strugggle to teach but we are being left behind by our learners!

Web 2.0 tools are there to unlock this potential and help us reach out to these learners.without needing extensive tecnhnical knowledge ourselves, 95% of our learners will only be consumers of technology - we need to sell learning to these consumers.